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Scissor Exit Gates Herringbone Rotary Automated Teat Sprayer

Our milking systems have been developed from practical research carried out with the objective of making our dairy farmer customers able to efficiently harvest milk of the highest quality from all kinds of systems. Whether you are on a low input pasture system or a high input TMR system, a Waikato milking system is the right one for you.

We offer a complete range of milking systems including the Waikato Rotary and Waikato Supa4™ Herringbone. All systems are based on the principles of New Zealand technology offering high efficiency high throughput and low labour inputs. Waikato Milking Systems are designed to conform to international requirements and regulations and are exported to over 30 countries worldwide.


The 24x21 metre steel building to house the 50 Bail Waikato Rotary




50 point Rotary in USA


(Building and Platform designed and built by OTENZ LTD)

Lori, Emma and Mark Peterson in front of their new 50 Bail Waikato Rotary

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Supa4™ Herringbone


Scissor Exit Gates

Automated Teat Sprayer


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